Intellectual Property Expert, Lawyer Dr. John Berryhill Joins Coalition for ICANN Transparency Board Of Directors

Intellectual Property Expert, Lawyer Dr. John Berryhill Joins
Coalition for ICANN Transparency Board Of Directors

Washington, D.C. – Dec 2, 2005 – Internationally recognized intellectual property attorney, Dr. John Berryhill, has joined the Board of Directors of a recently organized group urging the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to recommit to its founding principles of open, bottom-up, consensus decision-making.

The group – the Coalition for ICANN Transparency (CFIT) – was formed in an attempt to organize the broad, Internet community opposition to recent ICANN actions that have ignored those principles.

According to CFIT spokesperson, John Berard, Berryhill’s background makes him a perfect point-person for the effort.

“Trained as an electrical engineer as well as a lawyer, John’s work in patent, copyright and trademark matters; his long-standing participation in the business of the Internet; and memberships in many ICANN task forces and working groups gives him a powerful perspective,” Berard said.

Dr. Berryhill was admitted to practice in patent matters before the U.S. Patent Office in 1992. He is currently in solo practice, with a primary focus on Internet legal issues.  This grew out of 13 years with an intellectual property boutique firm in Philadelphia where he represented plaintiffs and defendants in patent, copyright, and trademark matters, including dozens of disputes under the ICANN Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy.

“When ICANN approved the assignment of the .net registry and revealed its proposed .com registry agreement – both with VeriSign – it confirmed a wholesale departure from its founding principles,” Berryhill said.  “ICANN has traded its governance role for the betterment of the Internet community for a revenue-based partnership with VeriSign.”

In addition to Berryhill, the CFIT board includes:

  • Howard Neu, a Florida-based lawyer and Certified Public Accountant, represents domainers in Domain Defense Litigation.  He is a solo practitioner who also escrows funds and prepares contracts for the transfer of domains.
  • Jason Eberstein, a Washington, D.C. registered lobbyist with the firm of Trammell and Associates, who helps guide corporations, institutions and individuals in their relationships with Congress and the Administration.
  • Jennifer Ross-Carriere, the Ottawa-based general counsel of, a holding company of domain name and Internet-based businesses.

About The Coalition for ICANN Transparency
The Coalition for ICANN Transparency Inc. – CFIT – is a not for profit Delaware corporation based in Washington, D.C. CFIT’s supporters include individuals, organizations, institutions and companies who are committed to the core principles on which ICANN, the Internet governing body is founded.  More information on CFIT is located at

Media Contact:
Marcie Hatch
Zeno Group for CFIT

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