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The Coalition for ICANN Transparency Inc. – CFIT — is a not for profit Delaware corporation based in Washington, D.C. CFIT’s supporters include individuals, organizations, institutions and companies who are committed to the core principles on which ICANN, the internet governing body, was founded:

  1. Stability: “(T)he stability of the Internet should be the first priority of any DNS management system.”
  2. Competition: “(M)arket mechanisms that support competition and consumer choice should drive the management of the Internet because they will lower costs, promote innovation, encourage diversity, and enhance user choice and satisfaction.”
  3. Private Sector, Bottom-Up Coordination: “A private coordinating process is likely to be more flexible than government and to move rapidly enough to meet the changing needs of the Internet and of Internet users. The private process should, as far as possible, reflect the bottom-up governance that has characterized development of the Internet to date.”
  4. Representation: “Management structures should reflect the functional and geographic diversity of the Internet and its users. Mechanisms should be established to ensure international participation in decision making.”

Key to the health of all is transparency. CFIT is working to see these principles reinforced. The need is clear as ICANN too often veers from their path. Look no further than the recently announced .com management agreement that threatens each principle.

CFIT’s corporate documents are located here:

Certificate of Incorporation
Certificate of Amendment of Certificate of Incorporation
Incorporator’s Consent
Organizational Consent of the Board of Directors
By-Laws of the Corporation

To show your support for CFIT’s goals and post your comments on the way ICANN is operating, specificly on the proposed new .com contract, click here: support@cfit.infoTo contact CFIT, or to provide donations, reach us at:

Coalition for ICANN Transparency
1220 19st Street, NW
Suite 804
Washington, D.C. 20036

Media Contact:
Marcie Hatch