Mission & Goals


CFIT is provoked by the recently proposed .com agreement. It is the latest proof that ICANN continues to demonstrate it cannot operate fairly on behalf of consumers and other intranet stakeholders. The proposed assignment of the .com registry to Verisign, offered two years before the expiration date on the current contract and done outside an open bidding process, reinforces four forces detrimental to the internet:

  • A lack of transparency
  • A continued erosion of checks-and-balances
  • Imposition of unilateral price increases that run counter to market logic
  • Unchecked expansion of the .com registrys natural monopoly into competitive areas

The mission of the organization, spelled out in this issue paper can be summarized in these four points:

  • Protect the internet communities decisive role in and ensure the public view of ICANN activities and operations
  • Support the explicit and necessary checks-and-balances that have provided valuable oversight since ICANNs founding
  • Define the appropriate limits of natural monopoly registry services
  • Promote a competitive environment that will ensure the stability of the internet, continue to spur innovation, encourage improved customer service and drive lower costs to consumers.


Our goals are both strategic and tactical.

Strategically, ICANN can better ensure its place in the world by letting the world in on its activities.

Tactically, the current .com contract should remain in-force until its expiration in November 2007 and the contract rebid at that time.

Together we can make a difference.